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 Covid-19 Member Safety Policy - July 2020 (addendum to existing Policies & Procedures)

The Cedars Union is a cooperative environment where each member adheres to the policies and procedures that help make the facility safe. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the following safety policies are in place:

As a member of the Cedars Union, I agree to:

- Not come to the facility if I am not feeling well or have any symptoms of COVID-19, so not to compromise the health of myself or other members.

- Not come to the facility if I have been directly in contact with someone who has tested positive with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

- Reserve time and area of work in Proximity prior to coming to the Cedars Union facility, for safe social distancing.

- Wipe down any shared equipment, tables, chairs, or appliances directly after I have used them with a disinfectant product that has been provided by the CU.

- Wash and sanitize my hands frequently, especially when using bathrooms and high touch point areas.

- Bring in my own personal protective equipment when using the Woodshop. This includes ear and eye protection, along with your face mask.

- Report any concerns to CU Staff.

Together, we can continue to reduce the risk of spread of the Covid-19 virus in our artist community and enjoy the space. Thank you for being a part of this effort!


Existing Policies & Procedures below - 

Code of Conduct - All members & staff are to treat others in the community with respect, kindness, and are to represent the values of the Cedars Union. This includes respecting other's private spaces and the shared workspaces of the facility. By being a part of the Cedars Union, you understand that access to the facility is a privilege that can be revoked if this is not followed. With that in mind, the following rules & procedures are to be followed while in the facility:

1. Prevent the making of another rule.

2. Harassment Policy - Harassment of any kind is prohibited. The Cedars Union is a harassment free space and will not be tolerated.

3. Reporting - If you see something that does not sit right with you, SAY SOMETHING to a staff member.

4. Noise - Use of speakers is prohibited in facilities. Please use headphones for the respect of others around you.

5. No Live/Work - The facility is not a live/work space, therefore cannot be used for sleeping.

6. No Smoking - Smoking or vaping indoors is strictly prohibited. A designated smoking area is outside in the back of the facility. Use the appropriate container for disposal.

7. Chemical Use - No materials that produce particulates are allowed for use indoors. Please use the fenced in outdoor space by member entrance when using these materials, such as spray paint. Please use the can depressurizer when disposing of any spray paint. All caustic chemicals must be stored in the yellow cabinet in the wet lab and must be labeled.

8. Member Platforms & Communications - Proximity is a membership platform used for paying membership dues, reserving space and equipment, and getting to know other members. Cedars Union also has a Slack account that members can join and chat with others on. CU staff also regularly communicates with members via email. Upon joining, each member will register through Proximity and will be invited to join our Slack Channel.

9. Tool & Equipment Safety - All new members must go through general safety and woodshop training prior to usage. A liability waiver must also be signed. If there is a piece of equipment you do not know how to use, but want to learn, please email staff to let us know of your interest and find out when the next training will be scheduled for that specific tool or equipment. Also, If you witness inappropriate use of tools or equipment, please let a staff member know.

10. Personal Items in Shared Spaces - Unlabeled work left in a shared space will be considered abandoned property after 24 hours. Label work with your name and date.

11. Guest Policy - Guests are allowed in the studios, but please have them sign in at the front desk so we know who is in the space. Due to liability purposes, absolutely NO guest is allowed to use CU equipment or tools. 

12. Pet Policy - No pets are allowed inside CU facilities except for approved service animals.

13. Trash and Recycling – all items must be disposed of in properly labeled bins – blue is recycle and grey is trash. All food should be disposed of in the meeting room/kitchen area. Do not overflow bins. If you have anything heavy, please throw away in the dumpster directly. Do not throw sharp objects in trash without wrapping in cardboard or tape.

14. Private Studios - Respect the privacy of personal studio spaces. No community members or guests are allowed in personal studios (do not cross the yellow line on the floor) unless invited by the studio artist. 

15. Reserving rooms/equipment - Reservations are to be made on Proximity. If you need to use the space for longer than the reserved time, please sign up again through Proximity to ensure no one else is already booked for the space/equipment. If you have a question about reserving a space, or using a specific tool, please reach out to one of us on Slack or to via email.

16. Photography Policy - Photographs may be taken of the general facilities, but no photography of member’s work by traditional cameras or cellphones may be taken unless permission has been granted. It is private property and should not be documented without permission. 

17. Locker Use - Lockers are for Community Member use and are first come, first serve. Members must provide their own locks and must inform CU staff which locker(s) they will be using. Each member may not use more than 1 large locker OR 2 small lockers at a time. All items inside lockers must have your name on them in case of emergency or if anything gets left behind. The items in the locker are personal property and may not be moved by another member. Your locker may be used for the duration of your membership, but it is your responsibility to clean out often and ensure they are being used efficiently.

18. Clean up – All clean up must be done in the CU’s wet lab. Do not use the kitchen or bathroom sinks to clean materials, and do not dispose of anything in the toilets.

19. Woodshop Use – For safety's sake, use of the wood shop is not allowed if you are the only one in the building. If you want to guarantee you will be able to use the shop during your reserved time, be here during staff hours which are Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm. When using the wood shop, keep doors closed at all times for noise reduction and to keep sawdust out of the studio area. 

20. No Welding – Welding is not allowed on the premises of the CU facilities. The CU does not have welding equipment, and no personal welding equipment may be brought in to the facilities.

21. Doors - Please keep all doors closed and secure to the entrance and exit of the facility at all times. This is for your safety and the safety of those around you. If you must prop open the door, please watch your surroundings and make sure to close all doors immediately after loading in or out.

22. Access Cards – An access card will be assigned to new Community & Studio members at time of completed safety training. There is a $20 deposit for the card. If a member key card is lost or stolen, please immediately notify a CU staff member. Lost cards incur a $20 fee.

23. Food policy - No food is allowed to be stored in studios or lockers. Please help keep the space free from bugs and any other unwanted critters. All food waste should be thrown away in the kitchen/meeting room or in the dumpster directly.

24. ADA - The CU is an ADA compliant facility. All passageways must remain clear at all times. If you have a guest with ADA needs, please alert a staff member.

25. Internet Policy - Do not use to view any inappropriate content. Use good judgement at all times.

26. Cedars Union Wifi may be used for members and guests.

27. Parking Lot - The lot is for short term member use, for guests, and for events. No cars may be left in the parking lot overnight, and no work may be done outside in the lot. 

28. First Aid – The first aid station is located in the woodshop, and the Eye Wash Station is located in the wet lab. Make yourself aware of all contents and supplies. Any Injuries must be reported to staff immediately.

29. Explosives - At no time may explosive materials be brought into or on to The Cedars Union property.

30. Cancellation Policy - For Studio Members: Each Studio Member has the opportunity to end their lease after 9 months. They may only renew once, for a total of 18 months. Due to the nature of the cohort model, lease cancellations are not allowed, unless an emergency or on a case by case basis. For Community Member cancellations, at the end of each agreement term (6 months or one month), each member will automatically be adjusted to membership on a month to month basis. At the end of the term, if a member does not want to continue, a cancellation notification must be sent by member, and access cards must be returned within 14 days of membership cancellation.